About Me

GabiPoehlmann1_WEBI already made the decision to paint and to become an artist as a young child. I disappeared behind every art book for hours on end. Thanks to my mother, I was already a regular guest in the museums throughout our region at the young age of four-years-old. Although I did not yet know the meaning of art back then, I could sense the things, feel and see them. And what I sensed, felt and saw, astonished me so deeply that feeling remains with me today.

Art was always a catalyst for me in my search for the answers to the questions whence, why and whereto. In this way, art is and remains the expression of unanswered questions for me. My daily motivation and inspiration is the intense urge to express ideas and materialize inner images in order to come one step closer to the answers in this way.

About Gabriele Poehlmann:

As newest member of Prof. Gunther Voglsanger’s painting class, Gabriele Poehlmann studied Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nurnberg. Today, she lives as an independent artist in Lenggries, Upper Bavaria.